Tuesday, April 1, 2014

japan: some snapshots

As I've mentioned elsewhere I am half-Japanese and was born in Japan, lived there for many years, moved to the USA, and was able to go back to Japan every year to see family. Due to the sheer number of trips I have taken over my lifetime, I have a huge pool of photos sitting in my hard drive. I thought it would be fun to feature of few Japan pictures since I know that Japan is a hot topic online! I will try to keep the images cohesive to year or location but, like I said, this is only a tiny sampling and I'll keep posting more if people enjoy seeing my take on Japan.

名古屋城 - Nagoya Castle (from afar)

Although my family is from Osaka, Japan (where I was born!) in later years they fanned out to other cities as well, such as Nagoya. Thus, I have spent the most time in Osaka and Nagoya, though I do have family in Tokyo who I visit on a regular basis.

There was a bonsai competition being held one year and I have to say, it was a stunning exhibition to walk through!

I am a huge fan of architecture in general - so happy to be dividing my time between two of the most architecturally gorgeous locations.

My grandparents live directly across from Nagoya University (名古屋大学) - as in, I can look out over campus from the room I stay in at their condo. There is a large clock on the campus building closest to us that is solar powered, which is how I always checked the time.

These were on the way to Mie Prefecture I believe? It has been a while so I am struggling to remember.

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