Wednesday, August 12, 2015

review: tony moly aloe vera moisturizing face mask

tony moly - i'm real - aloe face mask sheet (moisturizing)

I've used a few sheet masks in the past but mostly used Japanese brands since, until recently, sheet masks were not terribly popular in the West and I've had access to Japanese products through my annual trips. However, Japanese cosmetics and skin care are very hard to get a hold of in the United States and my work life has been such that I haven't been able to go abroad as often as I used to, so now I either wait for friends to send along a few sheet masks or I go for what is available in the U.S.! Lately I've noticed a lot of Korean skin care brands have been making their way to the Western market - including Tony Moly.

I've been seeing their products in Sephora (where I bought this mask) and have been hearing a lot of good things both about the brand specifically and about Korean products in general. I decided to take the plunge after my skin has been going through a dry spell, probably brought on by the air conditioning on this summer (it's the humidity that'll kill you!). I've also found that moisturizing masks are a pretty safe starting point regardless of your skin type - I have sensitive skin that tends towards breakouts and I haven't had problems with the moisturizing masks I've tried in the past. This one from Tony Moly was no exception!

The packaging, like all Tony Moly products, is so cute! I love the bright colors and stylized graphics, plus there are clear directions on the back for anyone who is new to the whole sheet mask world. As a warning: be careful when you first open the package, because there is a lot of serum in the bag and I received a bit of a spray when I opened mine up. This was also a problem when I first put the actual sheet mask on my face because I initially found that some of the serum dripped down my neck. I guess the it is marketed as moisturizing! That being said, the sheer volume of serum wasn't too much of an issue and I ended up just massaging the excess into my neck.

I left the mask on for about 20-25 minutes, which fell between the 20-30 minute time-frame they list on the package. Once I removed the mask there was still a lot of the serum left on my face, so I patted that in my face as well. I usually use the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate religiously each night, but since the serum from the mask was so rich I decided to skip the night oil and see what happened. Fast-forward to the next morning and all my dry patches were completely gone! My face definitely felt deeply moisturized and there were no new breakouts caused by the mask.


Now, is this mask worth the price? Unfortunately for those of us who live in the West (particularly in places where there are no large Asian markets near by) we have to pay a higher price at places like Sephora. This mask came in a pack of two for $7.50 which is not terribly cheap for a face mask. However, I am someone who doesn't use masks as often so this was a fun little buy for me to try out. I think I will save these masks for situations where my skin just needs that extra boost, but not necessarily keep them as part of my skincare routine.

Overall, I loved this mask and thought it did a fantastic job - I'm looking forward to my next Japan trip when I'll stock up on these goodies!

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