Friday, August 15, 2014

weekend fun: going up north!

Things may have seemed a bit quiet around here lately and that is because I just came back from a brief trip to Northern Minnesota along Lake Superior. I was able to go with my boyfriend and his family and had an amazing time - I am always amazed by how beautiful the Midwest actually is! Needless to say, I took quite a few snapshots but culled through a majority of them and picked out my favorites (as an obvious warning, this will be a really picture-heavy post).

The cabin we stayed in was right on Lake Superior so on the first day we took a walk down to the beach and I couldn't get enough of the colors there - so pretty!

Another shot by the beach and, once again, there were so many gorgeous colors to see.

A shot from a scenic overlook on the Oberg hike.

Daisies outside the tent = a great way to wake up

Lovely beach at Grand Marais

On our last day we decided to do an impromptu hike on the Devil's Trail and although we were unexpectedly confronted with 200+ steep stairs at one point, the scenic points of the trail was well worth the hike, especially with what lay at the end of the trek: the Devil's Kettle!

The Devil's Kettle is a double waterfall that has a pretty neat mystery to it; one of the two falls leads into a deep hole and no one knows where it goes!

Not only was there plenty of hiking and touristy things to do in the five days I was there, but it turns out there's still a lot I missed! One thing I'm dying to do is go moose viewing :) I also had the chance to read by the lake, which was so relaxing! It was a wonderful trip and I was glad to see the beautiful area around Lake Superior - definitely keeping this area on my "places to revisit" list. 

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