Wednesday, March 19, 2014

currently loving: nails/notebooks

I haven't been posting a whole lot recently so I thought I'd sit down and compile a few things that I have been loving recently!

The first thing that is on my "love list" is: Julep nail polish!

I've been a member since October and I have loved basically all the colors - those that I didn't like were just colors that weren't necessarily my style so I decided to gift them to friends! So at the end of the day, I have no complaints. Julep is another one of those subscription systems but unlike the beauty boxes, these are just nail polish. They toss in a beauty extra as well each month but usually it's something that I don't mind having such as lip gloss. I have super sensitive skin, so makeup subscription boxes don't really work well for me - even though you can select 'sensitive skin' as your skin type, a lot of the makeup that they send wouldn't work well for my skin.

Nail polish on the other hand (heh heh) is something that I can do! What I like about Julep is that they make their polish without harsh chemicals, and they donate some of their proceeds to charities. Plus, if you don't particularly like the colors that month, you can skip the box and wait until you see something you really do love. I've skipped a few months, so I end up with colors I actually wear quite a bit instead of stock-piling a huge array of colors that just dry out. The subscription system is great for me because I change up my polish every week...that may sound like a lot, but painting my nails is my weekly pamper/de-stress activity. So it's fun to get new colors in the mail BUT as I said before, all the colors I get are ones I love so I have already worked my way through quite a few of my bottles!

This sounds like this is a sponsored post - but I promise it isn't! I just genuinely do currently love this brand!

colors: myriam and cassie
If you want to check out the colors I personally love to use, feel free to follow my Instagram where I like to post my nail colors!  

Another thing I am currently loving is: Decomposition notebooks.

I am a huge sucker for stationary. Actually both my mother and I have a love for stationary that borders on the ridiculous. She always said it was a very Japanese thing to be obsessed with, which I kind of have to agree with since all our Japanese (female) relatives are the same way. Every time we see a cute notebook, we usually end up getting matching ones, or the same notebook in different color schemes. When I was in Michigan about a month or so ago, I came across Decomposition Notebooks in the Ann Arbor campus bookstore and I instantly fell. In. Love. Their designs are absolutely gorgeous! Look at all those gorgeous designs! I made a bee-line for the coffee/tea cup print and regretted not getting a few more. However, my boyfriend was sweet enough to buy three more for me (yes, he got me another coffee cup one because I love me some mugs!) when he stopped in Chicago on his way to spring break. Here are a few more of my favorite prints:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Aren't they beautiful? You can see the stationary nerd in me going into a frenzy. The coffee cup print became my thesis notebook and, maybe this is just me, but I feel more productive when I have a really lovely notebook to do my work in. There's something about having cute stationary that makes me want to do my research - even on days like today when it's gray, drizzling, and someone is doing construction work on the radiators in your apartment building.

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